Some easy tricks that will help you get rid of acne.

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Almost 70% of the teenagers suffer from acne bursts. All of us suffering from this problem want to  stay in hiding so no one can see our face filled with acne. It’s really irritating when something spoils skins and there is nothing that you can do about it other than waiting for it to go. Well you don’t really have to take any strong medicines it because you never know what side effects it could have. So here are some home  made remedies that will not only reduce your acne but would also help you get rid of the ugly dark spots caused because of it.



Clean it up with lemon

Get rid of all those expensive face washes and rather clean your face by rubbing some lemon juice on it. When you wake up early in the morning all you need to do is wash your face with some cool water. Then take a slice of lemon and rub it nicely all over your face. It would burn a bit but then again the results would be worth it. Lemon also helps remove blackheads. Let it stay on your face for about 5 minutes then wash it with cool water.

Tone it with tomato juice

Tomato contains lycopene which is extremely helpful in getting rid of acne and dark spots. So try drinking some tomato juice everyday and rub the remainings on your face. It will help clean your pores deeply and remove the dirt. So make sure at least once a day you should apply some tomato pulp on your face.

Avoid stepping out in the harsh heat.

Before moving out of the house make sure that you’ve applied your non greasy sunscreen. Apply it half an hour before you go out. Also make sure that you carry an umbrella and a scarf with you. Protect your skin from direct sunlight.

Don’t break em’

Every next person will tell you this that you shouldn’t be touching your pimples or breaking them. It’s because this one is really important. Doing this will only increase your acne problem and result in long lasting scars. Of course you wouldn’t want some ugly scars spoiling your face.

Face steaming

Buy a steamer or or just give your face some steam by boiling some water in a vessel. No matter what option you choose make sure that you give your face a steaming session for at least half an hour. This will open your pores and help clean all the dirt from within. Half an hour at least once a week would reduce the blackheads and whiteheads.

Face packs

face packs help your face cool down. Make sure that you apply a cooling face pack every twice a week. You can either use multani mitti, turmeric and milk, chickpea flour face pack, sandalwood powder face pack or other ayurvedic face packs available in stores that will reduce acne and help cool your face.