Dont Eat This If You Wanna Get Rid Of Acne..

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A research conducted in 2010 showed that diet could affect acne breakout. If you’re among the very busy peeps who cannot invest 30 minutes of their to gather ingredients, prepare and apply face masks then, here is another way for you to prevent or get rid of acne.


We have put together a list of foods that you should not eat get acne-free skin. Read away..


What not to eat?



  • Junk Food



Chips, pizzas, burgers, fried chicken, hot dogs, french fries, soda, the list can go on. All kinds of junk food can trigger hormonal fluctuations along with inflammation that can give you acne. They can also give you an insulin spike and result in high blood sugar levels. These are reasons enough to cancel them off your food plan.


2) Sugar


Research has shown that sugar can be linked to acne breakout due to spiked blood sugar levels. However, this not true in all cases. It all depends upon the quantity of sugar that you have in a day especially, at one time. That does not mean that you’ll get a breakout if you have a cupcake but you might get it after having a sugary drink. To find out if sugar is one of the causes for your acne, cut down on sugary drinks for a week that you be having everyday to know the difference.


3) Oily Food


Too much oil found in fast food is a common cause of acne breakout. They have to inflammatory properties which lead to acne breakout. So gals, next time you go to a fast food place, go for a healthy salad.


4) High-glycemic Index Foods




They are foods that break down very easily in the human body. This can trigger an insulin spike what leads to high blood sugar levels that in turn cause hormonal fluctuations, just like junk food. Give them a skip to eliminate acne.


Ditch them to have acne-free, flawless skin!